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It’s obvious she had no intent to demean nurses, but I can think of a hundred examples of people on the right having innocent words intentionally misconstrued
Donald Trump, who I am considering voting for, is going to alienate me and many others if he doesn’t stop the crap.   Trump recently said, as far...
Until now he has mostly been attacking media blowhards and politically correct taboos. Attacking a female candidate's appearance may instead come off...
The study states that women are turned off by computers and computing fields because computers are designed by men. WTF?
Colbert kicked off his new gig as host of the Late Show by comparing Donald Trump to the (Democrat) KKK, ignoring Hillary's email scandal
when you demand a wage higher than the actual value you contribute to the product, you hasten your eventual replacement with machines.
My anger is placed exactly where it should be. On idiots who tell the lower class they have low wages because of the 1% (which is paralyzing), when reality...
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