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This is just a symptom of the illness

Sandra Fluke, went on national television to explain that she, as a Georgetown Law Student (or a political activist, whichever) can’t afford to pay for birth control out of pocket, and that her and her fellow students couldn’t afford this women’s healthcare “right” and that we should subsidize it.  Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!?  I’ll bet a lot of those students also can’t afford iPod Touches, something else that is unnecessary, should we subsidize those too?  Free iPods for ALL!!!!!  Come on.  Birth Control Pills used as contraception is.  NOT.  HEALTHCARE!  It is taking a system of organs that are functioning properly and tricking them into not functioning properly.  Pregnancy is not an illness.

Also, I would like to ask about how Ms.  Fluke was raised.  Begging on national TV that the Government subsidize your having sex?  My father would DIE if any of his kids ever did that.  The lack of shame that the left shows absolutely blows my mind.  The word games as well.  Women’s healthcare, the “right” to women’s healthcare, reproductive freedom.  It’s birth control.  It’s contraception.  The right is not trying to outlawing birth control.  They aren’t putting chastity belts on women.  They aren’t telling you that you can’t have sex.  What the right is saying, and what all the uproar is about, is that we don’t want to pay for it!!!  We don’t want to force Churches to go against their belief system in order to subsidize your “right” to “women’s healthcare” in the exercise of your “reproductive rights.”

Didn’t the left just get done freaking out about all that stuff that Planned Parenthood does that isn’t killing innocent children in the safety of their mother’s womb?  Like birth control and breast exams?  Don’t they provide free and low cost exams and birth control to women.  Aren’t they also subsidized by our tax dollars?  So why this?  Why?

I have ADHD.  I am prescribed Adderall.  That is not a medication that my insurance plan covers on it’s formulary.  It’s also not as inexpensive as birth control.  So what do I do?  I pay for it out of pocket, after making a choice.  I could have changed my insurance, to one that covers the medication; but that would reduce the coverage I have for my children, so I chose not to.  I can function without it, but I choose not to, because it improves my work.  The one thing I did not do was cry and beg and piss and moan for someone else to subsidize my choice.  Last year, I was not able to afford my medication, so I stopped taking it.  That was my choice.  The left, and my own entitlement generation don’t understand prioritizing your wants and needs in such as way as to balance them.  That a little something I like to call being a grownup.  Getting mad and kicking up a fuss because someone won’t pay for everything you want is a fight I have with my six year old.

Also, never mind the fact that Sandra Fluke is an activist, who enrolled at Georgetown knowing their insurance plan doesn’t cover birth control specifically to fight this fight.  Where does it end?  What do we draw our line in the sand subsidizing unnecessary things that people want rather than need?  Also, why in the EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF do liberals always stand behind and support sobbing, hysterical women?  Never-mind the facts when you have an overly superior pseudo-intellectual to come in and plead some BS emotional case.  There are plenty of ways given our Leviathan that women can and do obtain affordable and even free birth control (Planned Parenthood, Health Departments, even bars give out condoms for free) so why is this such an issue now?  Because of Obamacare.  The road to despotism is paved with liberal’s good intentions.  Because the people wanted “hope” and “change” and now they got it.

We the People have allowed this to happen, by giving in, an inch at a time.  People chose not to be self-sufficient, they have chose over generations to allow the government to make decisions that invade their bedrooms and cars and homes and lives, and now, now the outrage??!?!?!  The left has been systematically trying to take over every single aspect of our lives for years and now people are starting to realize it.  Obamacare is just the frosting on the cake.  The government also decides how much water your toilet tank can have, or where you can build your house, or whether an entire city can have water, and what kind of lightbulb you are able to have in your house.  I’m disgusted with this country, absolutely disgusted.  Unless the American People strive continually to get their rights back, the left is going to continue to do whatever they can to take them away and make decisions for you.



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