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Walker likely to survive Wisconsin recall

State employee unions and leftist nationwide had turned recalling Governor Scott Walker, R-WI, into a clarion call for their efforts to roll back gains made by the right since the rise of the Tea Party.  Having failed in a State Senate recall election and judicial elections, recalling  Walker himself was seen as their last chance to demonstrate their power and warn other governors not to interfere with the entrenched interests of state employee unions.

Bad news for them this week in two stories which I believe bode well for Walker.  The first is that Walker is now ahead of both of his potential opponents in recent polling.   The second item, no doubt connected to the first, is that property taxes have dropped in Wisconsin for the first time in 12 years.

Municipalities across the state are taking advantage of the tools provided to them by Walker’s reforms and are bringing bloated budgets under control; hence the property tax reduction.  A win by Walker will also demonstrate to cash strapped states across the country that it may be getting safer to take on the entrenched interests of the leftist edifice.  That can only be good for the country.



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