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Eric Holder’s DOJ practically abetting voter fraud in Florida

The Department of Justice has issued a letter to Florida’s secretary of state, Ken Detzner, demanding that Florida stop removing non citizens from voter rolls.  Florida is following the long standard practice, mandated by a 2002 federal law, requiring states to compare voter rolls to other state databases in order to ensure accuracy.  The Justice Department is claiming that Florida is in violation of the Voting Rights Act but this claim is patently false and based on specious reasoning.

What is really happening here is that Eric Holder’s politically and racially motivated Justice Department is continuing a long train of abuses of power.  From dropping the charges against the New Black Panther Party to indicating they would not pursue discrimination cases with white victims and black alleged perpetrators, Holder’s DOJ has been more about settling perceived slights and righting past wrongs than enforcing the nation’s laws.  It saddens me to say this but Eric Holder has turned the Justice Department into his personal political fiefdom aimed at pushing his grievance agenda, so much for equality before the law.

This case in Florida is no different.  They are trying to prevent states like Florida from ensuring the integrity of the process because weak voter laws help Obama.  This is why Holder has made overturning voter ID laws a primary focus this year.  Ironic that Michelle Obama is requiring photo ID’s for her events while her husband’s administration argues that requiring a photo ID amounts to racist elitism. This move in Florida is more of the same, pushing to weaken voter laws and essentially make it easier for political allies to game the system and give his boss an edge in the 2012 election.



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