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Voter registration battle heats up between FL and feds

The battle over Florida’s voter rolls between the state of Florida and the federal government heated up this week.  Florida filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over access to the agency’s SAVE database.   Florida has been trying for months to access the information, which by law is supposed to be available to the states.

Last week I wrote that the feds had ordered Florida to cease moving forward with a plan to compare the voter database with other state databases.  Florida was doing this to protect the integrity of the voting process and to comply with a 2003 federal law.  I specifically wrote that by attempting to stop a crucial swing state like Florida from cleaning the voter rolls prior to the election; Eric Holder’s DOJ was essentially abetting voter fraud.

Florida is a crucial swing state, and one Obama is counting on to win reelection.  Therefor, it strikes me as more than a little suspicious that such an important state is running into so much trouble with this administration when it comes to voter registration.  Florida is simply trying to ensure a fair and honest election, free from fraud or the influence of ineligible voters.  A conspiracy theorist would say it almost looks like the administration is trying to prevent Florida from accomplishing this.



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