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Is Romney too White?

Obviously the answer to that is no.  However, a liberal group is pushing that exact line of attack against Mitt Romney.  A recent video released by the group, “the Message”, purports to be a satire of Romney preparing for his upcoming speech before the NAACP.  The video is actually a racist attack on Romney, with an attack on his religion thrown in for good measure.  I also wonder if they see the irony in launching this attack when Romney is attempting to reach out an organization which claims to represent the interests of Black Americans.  Or perhaps their goal is to sabotage Romney’s efforts?

I will go further and say the video is racist against both Blacks and Whites.  The video has the actors pretending to be Romney and his advisers fretting over why Blacks don’t like them.  They suggest it is because Romney is “so White he makes white bread look like pumpernickel”.  I don’t even know what that means.  I suspect however it means that being educated, well spoken and successful and working hard to achieve that success is being “White”.

This is where the video is also racist against Blacks because the implicit assumption must then be that Blacks will not or cannot work hard to achieve educational or professional success.  If they are defining ‘whiteness’ as speaking properly and presenting oneself well, how then must the makers of this video define ‘blackness’?  Let’s look at Romney, a man who is married to the mother of his kids and has been in a committed relationship for most of his life.  He worked to excel in school and in the business world.  He is an entrepreneur and hard working family man who also cares about people and his employees.  When a daughter of a business partner was kidnapped; Romney and the rest of the guys at Bain shut down operations and went to New York to coordinate the search.  He is, by all accounts, a polite, smart and well mannered individual.

If anything above is part of Romney’s alleged ‘whiteness’, what must the makers of this video assume constitutes ‘blackness’?  These, obviously pure and in no way racist, liberals must be assuming that just as black is the opposite of white, so must the qualities which constitute ‘blackness’ be the inverse of ‘whiteness’.  They must be assuming that to be Black means to not push oneself to succeed, or do well in school.  Perhaps these well intentioned and fashionable liberals, one of whom came from Media Matters and another of whom used to run AOL, perhaps they think Blacks are lazy, ill mannered thugs who father multiple children out of wedlock.

Come to think of it, Barrack Obama seems to be a successful and well mannered family man just like Romney; is Obama also “too White to be liked” by Blacks.  Since Obama garnered more than 90% of the Black vote last election that seems unlikely.  Perhaps these well meaning liberals, obviously much more smart and caring then the rest of us, think that Blacks are too racist to vote for a White guy, or only voted for Obama because they thought he was Black.  But then, that sounds like racism and I always thought liberals cannot be racist.

The truth is we are too divided by race in this country and I submit it is the very type people who made this video that are to blame for this sad fact.  They are consumed by race and it infects everything they see or do.   Everything to these types of folks is about some racial injustice from before I was even born, or some liberal white guilt they try to push on the rest of us.  Too many folks, of every color and ethnic variant allow themselves to be identified and categorized by pigment.  I have seen no study that dictates the way one processes information or treats others is a function of the melanin content of one’s skin.

We are all Americans bound by the same rights and freedoms and responsibilities.  We live under the same Constitution and are suffering through the same years of wars and recession and failed politics. Let’s face it, Bush and Obama have been bad for Blacks and Whites.   The sins of the past are in the past and only united can we move forward.  I submit that anyone who asks you to define yourself and segregate yourself based on some perceived racial solidarity or past grievance is the real racist and only when we banish them from polite society will our nation move forward.



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